Curated Reading List

︎︎︎ Commensality: From Everyday Food to Feast // Susanne Kerner, Cynthia Chou, Morten Warmind

︎︎︎ Deciphering a Meal // Mary Douglas

︎︎︎ Revivifying Commensality in Moveable Gardens: Itineraries and Sanctuaries of Memory // David Sutton, edited by Virginia D. Nazarea and Terese Gagnon

︎︎︎ Becoming an ‘Other Human’: On the Role of Eating Together in Crisis Greece // David Sutton

︎︎︎ Commensality, Society and Culture // Claude Fischler

︎︎︎ Consumer Citizenship: Instant Noodles in India // Amita Baviskar   ︎ EDITOR’S CHOICE

︎︎︎ Gastro-Politics in Hindu South Asia // Arjun Appadurai

︎︎︎ Intimate Eating: Racialized Spaces and Radical Futures // Anita Mannur   ︎ EDITOR’S CHOICE

︎︎︎ How Engraved Utensils Came to be Kitchen Heirlooms // Chaitali Patel

︎︎︎ Guru Ka Langar – The Darbar Sahib Kitchens in Full Glory

︎︎︎ How 'Langars' Became The Life Force Of Farmers' Protests // Lachmi Deb Roy

︎︎︎ A story of Culinary Apartheid // Ashwaq Masoodi

︎︎︎ Isn’t This Plate Indian? Dalit Histories And Memories Of Food // Sharmila Rege, Sangita Thosar and Tina Aranha   ︎ EDITOR’S CHOICE

︎︎︎ Travelling Noodles and Migrating Pieces of Raw Fish: How Food Moves—and How It Moves Us/Jose Johnston

︎︎︎ Dalit Identity And Food – Memories Of Trauma On A Plate

︎︎︎ Between Vegetarianism and Bans, Can We All Agree to Meat Halfway? // Suman Quazi

︎︎︎ Bread, Freedom, Social Justice // Amira Mittermaier

︎︎︎ Vernacular Taste and Urban Transformation: Towards an Analytics of Fun and a New Kind of Critique // Krishnendu Ray

︎︎︎ Eating Together: Food, Friendship, and Inequality // Alice P. Julier

︎︎︎ In India, A Rich Food Culture Vanishes From The Train Tracks // Charukesi Ramadurai

︎︎︎ A Feast Isn’t Just About Food. It’s About Joy // Abhijit Banerjee

︎︎︎ In my mother’s Rampur memoir, recollections of grand feasts and delectable desserts // Muneeza Shamsie

︎︎︎ Eating from the Bohra Thaal // Alefiya Tundawala  ︎ EDITOR’S CHOICE

︎︎︎ Can eating Maggi create a more equal society? // Amita Baviskar

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