Issue #1 :dhoop & food

The light from the sun sustains us in myriad ways.
The warm winter sun
The little specks from the cracks Or the filtered light through trees
The morning salutation
Or a cup of tea,
The peppered grains on a bedsheet,
Or the big glass bharni of achaar, bathing.

The #1 issue of dhoop wants you to look up, back, east, or west.
Think about the sunlight in its absence or presence, its relationship to food and you.


dhoop as a publication mushrooms from our connection to food. That means just like mushrooms’ interconnected mycelium web; we understand food as a complex and multifaceted link having roots in known and unknown places. We have a theme for each issue (e.g., Issue #1 is dhoop & food), but we are flexible to your interpretation of the theme.

As a publication based on stories and conversations around nature, culture, sustainability, and design in food, we comprehend the nature of these disciplines as fluid, ever-evolving and far from fixed. This platform hopes to enable co-creation of knowledge and finding wisdom in every detail.

To reiterate, each issue of dhoop has a theme; we are looking for:
  • Stories around the theme
  • Historical pieces
  • First-person narrative
  • Essays connecting the theme to nature, culture, and sustainability
  • Scientific deep dive
  • Cultural stories
  • Breakdown of design ideology
  • A different approach to the theme
  • Photo essays
  • Illustrations

Please send us a pitch at

We pay a flat fee of 2,000-3,000 INR (30-40$) to writers, photographers, and illustrators.

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