dhoop & food

                                                                    Issue #1//

Summer'22 starts with Issue #1 of dhoop-a walk through the lanes of Chennai, followed by Charvi's fragrant musings, a khus takeover, and the bearings of Anusha's multiple homes. In Colour me yellow, read about the effortlessness of colours, moving on to Nidhi's version of jackfruit summer. Stop on your way and get some shade; Priyanka offers a summer respite under a bougainvillaea bush. Cooker-no-pressure, a story on solar cooker followed by catching the sunlight in Nihar's kitchen. And wait, there's more: Amrita's use of gul ( rose) and qand ( sugar/sweet) in its best form will compel you to make a jar at home. And while it basks in the sun, you should too. In the end, take an afternoon walk in the capital city of Rajasthan, where the sun doesn't seem to hamper spirits.

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